“I love finding opportunities for investors. Working with clients hand-in-hand to sell their property or buy a new asset is truly one of the most exciting things I have experienced professionally. Helping our clients navigate the transaction to get the best possible deal is what inspires me.”

“My love of teams has been a guiding force in my life.”

From my professional path to sports and other hobbies, I get a lot of enjoyment from being able to accomplish the task at hand with other people and share in those victories. Initially this led me into human resources, which I saw as an opportunity to build and be part of teams—hiring, training, and helping employees discover their passions at work.

How did you make the jump from HR to real estate?

Leaving HR was driven by my entrepreneurial spirit, and moving into real estate specifically was influenced by my grandmother, who worked in residential real estate for Windermere for 30 years, and a friend whose name you’ll recognize: Jerrid Anderson. Making such a big move was nerve-wracking, but I was joining a strong team to help me build this new foundation.

“I still tap into my HR background to provide a great experience for clients.”

Industry and job role aside, when I work with someone, I want them to leave with a positive perspective of the process. In both residential and commercial real estate, even though the clients’ end goals can be very different, I want them to feel heard and to truly understand their “why” of selling or buying. It helps solve so many potential communication issues up front.

How does the Simon | Anderson team adapt to address different client needs?

I’ll say, I’ve never been on a team quite like this before. We don’t just talk about the values of hard work and innovation; each person shows up and that raises all boats for both team members and clients. There are a lot of great ideas to customize or improve processes for clients and the team pivots quickly, which is particularly exciting compared to the corporate world. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work—there’s no ego attached when it comes to doing what’s best for each client.