How We Do It

Apartment brokerage through your lens

We’ve distilled our process down to six simple steps. If it’s not client-focused, we don’t do it.



We meet to discuss your needs.

Consider this stage a series of trust exercises (but we promise, no trust falls). We like to start our process by sitting down with you to understand your goals and expectations.



Deciding to work together.

Brokerage isn’t “one size fits all.” The best path forward may not involve us — or even a sale. But if we’re the right choice for you, this is when we sign a contract to get the marketing machine in motion.



Develop timing and process.

Strategy in apartment brokerage is the intersection of executing on client goals and understanding market nuances. We’ll work with you to maximize results by setting the optimal sales timeline and addressing buyer expectations.



Generate interest and offers.

We pair traditional brokerage activities like making phone calls (hundreds of phone calls) with modern marketing practices from other industries to reach the broadest audience and maximize buyer interest.



Negotiate the best deal.

This phase is where the most risk lies. From selecting the best buyer to undergoing due diligence, we advocate for our clients and stay 10 steps ahead to ensure certainty of outcome.



Crossing the finish line.

Before toasting to a successful close, we’re right by your side to manage communications between all parties and enable a smooth transition of building operations. And we’ll always be just a phone call away for any other investment needs.

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