Why Us?


You might be tempted to roll your eyes at these buzzwords, but hear us out first.



Above & Beyond

Actions speak louder than words, but if we had to choose one word to describe our actions, it would be RIGOR. What some consider “too much work,” we consider crucial for our clients’ success.


Market Research

By the Numbers

It’s not surprising that our team of data nerds was founded by a former engineer. Granular data and market insights give you the power to make strategic decisions, ensuring successful results. Are you ready to dive in?


Our Process

Brokerage, Evolving

While others refuse to change or grow, we refine and improve our processes with every transaction. We’ve built a team of idealists to specialize in the unique complexities that accompany property sales of any shape or size.



Human Touch

While we can’t wait to get down to business, we thought you’d like to get to know who you’ll be working with — because, at the end of the day, this business of apartments is actually very human.

Case Studies

Multiple offers leads to easy closing during turbulent interest rate environment.

Rent program produced dramatic upside resulting in increased buyer interest.

50+ year hold with significant deferred maintenance

I would recommend Dylan Simon and Jerrid Anderson to others in my position. Speak to them and see what you would be passing up if you went with another broker.

7 Units, Fremont

We've worked with countless brokers over the last 32 years. What separated Dylan Simon and Jerrid Anderson was their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to connect the right buyer.

216 Units, Kent

Dylan Simon and Jerrid Anderson secured several good offers and artfully managed negotiations. But beyond the numbers, they are a team of courteous and ethical brokers.

5,500 SF Land, Central District

After interviewing several brokerage teams, it became clear that the Simon-Anderson Team is a cut above the others in their approach. They exceeded my every expectation – and the marketed sales price by $100K.

12 Units, Capitol Hill

The Simon-Anderson Team follows through on all commitments, put together outstanding marketing materials, and created a lot of competition, achieving terrific sales prices for us. They are highly reliable, good communicators, and we believe we made an excellent choice trusting them with these sales.

142 Units, West Seattle

I’ve sold 3 apartment buildings with the Simon Anderson Team, totaling nearly $125M in sales. In each sale they’ve impressed with me with a high degree of expertise, clear and consistent communication, and fantastic results. I know that when I work with them, I am working with professionals that are the best in the business – I highly recommend them.

130 Units, Central District