93 E Boston

7-Unit Apartment in Eastlake Won with a Strategically Crafted Offer

  • Crafted strategic offer, beat out 10 other offers
  • Persistent follow up to understand what would win the deal
  • Due diligence prior to submitting competitive offer

Case Study


Facing the challenge of a competitive market with multiple offers, we strategically inspected the property and designed a compelling offer that accounted for the complete renovation needed. With the property being part of an estate sale, we knew we only had one shot to make a winning offer and avoid multiple rounds of competition.

What we did

Our persistent follow-up with the listing broker ensured our offer was in the forefront of the seller’s mind. Our thorough due diligence and understanding of the seller’s needs allowed us to create an offer that stood out among 10 other offers.


In the end, our strategy and persistence paid off. We secured the 7-unit apartment in the coveted Eastlake neighborhood, beating out the competition and securing a great investment for our client.

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93 E Boston
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