“Uncovering new leads and exceeding client expectations motivates me and is what drives me to have a “first one in and last one out the office” mentality.

I know that consistent communication plays a major role in establishing the trust and confidence in the broker-client relationship, which is why I look at every client’s transaction as a partnership and through their eyes, not just as their Broker. Knowing that each client I work with trusts our “partnership” and is confident I turned over every rock to find the best possible investment is what continues to motivate me.”


Why commercial real estate?

Growing up in Yakima, WA, I always pictured myself pursuing a career in agriculture. While real estate was always of interest to me due to my mother being a real estate broker, it was not until college that I decided to look more into commercial brokerage. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to intern under Kidder Mathews’ President and COO, Brian Hatcher, for a summer and after learning more about the industry through him, I knew this was the career path for me.

How did growing up in Eastern, Washington impact your brokerage career?

I grew up in Yakima, WA and went to college in Pullman, WA. From having experience living all over the state, I have created relationships and expertise in markets beyond just those in Western, Washington. I use this knowledge to bring east side investors to the west side and vice versa.

“Being apart of a large team motivates everyone to be better.”

When you are apart of a team, it gives you daily motivation to perform as well as possible in order to contribute. What I like most about being apart of a large team is that you always have resources and partners willing to help you accomplish the team’s overall goal of success.

Outside of the office, what can we find you doing?

In my free time, I try to ski as much as possible. Whether it is a week trip to Canada or a day trip to my home mountain of White Pass, skiing is my favorite hobby outside of work.