The Savvy Investor’s Top 3

Here’s what apartment investors in Eastern Washington need to know this month.

The State of Multifamily Lending

As interest rates continue to rise, lending continues to get harder to obtain. That said, debt is still available, but lenders are becoming very selective with quality sponsors and quality properties.

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Opportunistic Investors are Waiting to Deploy $100B+ of “Dry Powder”

As transaction volume for 2023 remains low, fund managers are opportunistically waiting to deploy all the “dry powder” they have built up following the pandemic.

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Multifamily Insurance Rates are up as much as 28%

Debt is not the only cost on the rise as we have witnessed a surge in insurance costs and a decrease in insurance providers for multifamily properties.

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Max Frame is an apartment broker specializing in the sale of apartments in Eastern Washington. Born and raised in the region, Max pairs his local market knowledge and expertise with Kidder Mathews’ national outreach and exposure.