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Overcoming Market Volatility: All-Cash Sale in West Seattle

  • Challenging market conditions amid soaring interest rates
  • Secured an all-cash buyer deeply rooted in West Seattle

Executive Summary

The Challenge

Our client, who owned the property for 10+ years, had recently invested a sizable amount of money to renovate the property. Despite its excellent condition, the property no longer aligned with the seller’s investment plans and it was time to sell. With interest rates rising at historic levels, it was going to be a challenge to sell in this environment.

What We Did

We marketed the property and conducted 10+ tours with interested buyers. As interest rates increased, it was challenging for any potential buyer to make the deal viable from the get-go. Understanding the tough environment, we started proactively reaching out to property owners in the neighborhood, aiming to generate interest among those who cherished and understood the unique appeal of the area.

The Result

Through our proactive engagement with local property owners, we successfully connected with a buyer deeply embedded in the community—a local business owner who had grown up right down the street. This buyer was committed to an all-cash transaction and a swift 15-day closing. Leveraging our adept negotiation skills, we facilitated a rapid and efficient transaction, resulting in a record-breaking deal closure.

Site Details

2217 42nd Ave SW Seattle, WA
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