“I actually became a broker by process of elimination.”

My interest in cities and buildings led me to complete a degree in Urban Development and Planning…but I decided I didn’t want to become a planner. The other obvious paths were development, construction, or brokerage, and brokerage really fit my drive to solve problems and build relationships.

How does your team approach client relationships differently from other brokers?

We put communication first. At every step of the process, we provide status updates and predict potential issues and outcomes so there are no surprises. It goes back to treating every deal like it’s our own – if it were my building, I’d want to know what was going on!

“As a problem solver, putting myself in other peoples’ shoes comes naturally to me.”

I think that’s one reason why I’ve particularly enjoyed working with private owners. They really rely on us to guide them through a challenging process, and trust that we aren’t going to sacrifice the amount of work we put in just because of the deal size. It’s rewarding to help make things easier for them and get them the best result possible.

What would clients be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve taken annual trips to Mexico for the last 21 years — but it’s not the kind of vacation you might be picturing. Every Thanksgiving my family travels to Tijuana to build a home for a family in need with Homes of Hope. It’s extremely meaningful giving back to the community in this way, especially now that I work in the real estate industry.