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Lascelle Apartments

Sale Price: $1,900,000

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Sale Summary

Record setting price per unit sale for early 1900s vintage in Spokane!

In a challenging market environment, we successfully navigated obstacles and achieved remarkable results for the Seller. By leveraging our extensive knowledge of the Eastern Washington market, we connected the Seller with a motivated Buyer, surpassing pricing expectations and achieving a record-setting price per unit. This strategic transaction not only provided the Seller with a timely opportunity for a 1031 exchange but also ensured a seamless transition. Our proactive approach of sourcing a Buyer before listing the property proved instrumental in delivering outstanding outcomes for all parties involved.

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Property Details

1221 N Monroe St
City, State
Spokane, WA

Sale Details

Sale Date
August 9, 2022
Sale Price
Price per unit


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Lascelle Apartments

1221 N Monroe St
Spokane, WA 99201
Units: 12
Price: $1,900,000

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