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Footprint West Seattle

Sold $7,000,000

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3266 SW Avalon Way, Seattle, WA
Parcel Size
4,800 SF
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Year Units


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Footprint West Seattle

3266 SW Avalon Way
Seattle, WA 98126
Units: 56
Price: $7,000,000

About the Area

West Seattle has truly transformed over the last six years and continues its trajectory from a nearly suburban residential community on the edge of Seattle to a well-defined urban neighborhood. Despite a rapid increase in the inventory of apartments in West Seattle since 2010, outdoor recreation, an influx of popular restaurants and bars, and proximity to Seattle’s job centers continue to drive demand.

Footprint West Seattle is just up the street from the Luna Park Café — and one look at the establishment reveals everything you need to know about this pocket of West Seattle. The popular, funky 1950s café is the neighborhood’s calling card, and it personifies the area’s quirky character.

Ever since the original Luna Park amusement park brought visitors to West Seattle in the early 1900s, Avalon Way has been a hidden-yet-lively corridor where people gather to work, eat, and thrive. Walk to the West Seattle Brewing Company, jog through Pigeon Point Park, or watch the sunset from Alki Beach.

“The Junction” — one of West Seattle’s thriving commercial centers — is at the fingertips of Footprint West Seattle residents, while downtown Seattle is just a bus or water taxi ride away. For those focused on the long term, the Link light rail expansion will reach West Seattle by 2030 (it’s closer than you’d think!).

12 Minutes

Walk to The Junction

10 Minutes

Drive to Alki Beach

15 Minutes

Water Taxi ride to Downtown

10 Minutes

Ride to SODO on future Link light rail extension

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