It’s not often that large commercial brokerage teams move firms, and when they do it is very intentional.

Such is certainly the case with our move.

Earlier this month, our entire team – the Seattle Multifamily Team – moved to Kidder Mathews’ Seattle office, which also happens to be the firm’s Global Headquarters. No office move is easy, but with the help of a lot of people, and the patience of even more, we are up and running in very short order.

Why dedicate an entire newsletter to our move?

Because it’s as much about our clients as it is about us.

Our first order of business is about serving our clients – old, new, and prospective – and it’s essential that they know this.

In case you missed any of the details, here’s a quick overview:

  • WHAT: We moved firms to Kidder Mathews – you probably noticed the press
  • WHO: Our entire team of six multifamily professionals (and we’re growing to several more – stay tuned!)
  • WHERE: Same building, four floors down, now with Lake Union views
  • WHEN: Just last week – the “Kidder Orange” paint is still wet!
  • WHY: To better serve our clients. This is the big one.

Those are the basics, yet there is so much more involved in a decision such as this, so I hope you will read on to learn a bit more about what we’re doing now and our future plans.


What is this move all about, you ask? A change for our future and yours.

The business of commercial real estate brokerage is fairly portable – meaning that brokers often move seamlessly between firms. Yet, in recent years in nearly every major market across the United States (and globally), commercial brokerage firms themselves have made big moves. Consolidations, acquisitions, public offerings. Big growth, big consolidation.

Our move is a bit different.

Kidder Mathews is, at its roots, a local firm. It started more than 50 years ago in the Seattle area and has remained locally managed and headquartered ever since. As a firm, Kidder has experienced phenomenal growth the past several years, yet the firm remains privately owned and managed – all by its brokers. We like that, and we think you will too!

You can check out the official press release HERE.


Who made the move? All of us!

For those of you who don’t know us, my partner – Jerrid Anderson – and I founded a team of brokers specializing in the sale of apartment buildings and development land in 2014.

We’ve spent the better part of this decade reimagining the business of apartment brokerage. Along the way, we’ve assembled a team of remarkably professional, conscientious, skilled, and hard-working individuals.

Multifamily Brokerage

Dylan Simon
Executive Vice President
M 206.414.8575

Jerrid Anderson
Executive Vice President
M 206.499.8191

Matt Laird
Senior Associate
M 206.624.7416

Mortgage Brokerage

Alex Mundy
Debt & Equity Finance
M 206.747.4725


Cate Chase
Senior Marketing Specialist
D 206.398.2282

Tyler Blaikie
M 206.972.4400

You can learn more about the entire team HERE.

You can learn more about what we do HERE.


Where did we go? Not far … four floors down from our previous offices, to be precise.

(You can find us through our CONTACT PAGE.)

But more importantly, as far as where we focus our business, that certainly has not changed.

Our specialty remains urban Seattle and the four-county region (King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Kitsap).

Inside of that geography, where we spend our time is quite unique. Here’s a look:

You can learn more about our unique approach to brokerage services HERE.


Our move is complete! Well, sort of.

Despite a few boxes lying around (and a new espresso machine on order – delivery of course) we are up and running, and excited to discuss the apartment market with you. 2019 is proving an exciting time for investors and developers alike. There’s no time to watch the paint dry around here, and that certainly is not our style.


Why we made a move is truly based on our why as professionals and individuals.

For those of you familiar with the Start with Why philosophy of Simon Sinek, you know that where you end up often is defined more by your underlying intention than consciously pointing yourself in any particular direction.

For us, our why is based on a few guiding principles directing our work:

  • Dedication to market research and insights to help our clients grow their businesses and success
  • Benchmark our services to the highest quality standard across industries, not just in brokerage
  • Drive the highest sales prices for our clients, positively impacting their bottom lines
  • Innovate, lead, and inspire within our industry
  • Grow our services and team
  • Give back to the community

We’d love to discuss our why with you, and better understand yours!

We are excited for the future and looking forward to working with you under the Kidder Mathews umbrella. Give us a call to Turn Our Expertise into Your Profit!