In 2015, just over 350 apartment buildings 5 units and larger sold in King and Snohomish County. Of these transitions, 75% were of buildings less than 50 units. The boutique apartment segment of the market, comprised of buildings from 5 units to 50 units, is the most active segment of the market. Accordingly, it has never been more important to study trends for rental rates, vacancy rates, new development and sales transactions.

Today we launch the first market study of its kind, covering market dynamics and sales of boutique apartment buildings. The Seattle Multifamily Team is excited to present to you our 2016 Seattle Neighborhood Apartment Market Study.

Our expertise in the region’s urban neighborhoods is based on our long-term view of the trajectory of the Seattle/Puget Sound apartment market, and a shift towards urbanization and infill development. Investment in urban, walkable communities presents the greatest opportunity for stable, long-term returns for apartment investor.

In working with our private clients on apartment investments in the 5 unit to 50 unit size range, we focus on urban hubs, whether located near downtown Seattle or in otherwise suburban regions focused on developing an urban core.

We invite you to download our 2016 Seattle Neighborhood Apartment Market Study and then give us a call to discuss your apartment investments. We provide free valuations and offer the most comprehensive and effective marketing and sales services.

Our Private Client Services

We are unique in that we provide equal experience, skill and acumen in apartment sales transactions sized between 50 units and 500 units and those sized between 5 units and 50 units. Our combination of market coverage and understanding of market dynamics of all apartment sizes provides our clients with the best possible result – highest priced closings that occur quickly and hassle-free.

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Understanding both current and future market dynamics is critically important in positioning both your assets and your investment thesis for optimum returns. Our apartment investment sales team, comprised of four highly qualified professionals, and a back-office team of an additional four dedicated staff, specializes in assisting apartment owners in maximizing returns. We focus on representing buyers and sellers of apartment assets from 5 units to 500 units. Please give me a call to discuss how we can turn our expertise into your profit. – Dylan