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Clover Meadows

Sale Price: $3,302,700

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Sale Summary

Clover Meadows in Lakewood, WA presented a challenge as the property was sourced off-market, resulting in a significant pricing gap of over $200,000 between our client (the buyer) and the owner. Despite facing lender conditions posed by COVID-19 in the fall of 2020, the property went under contract in June. Over a three-week negotiating period, our team worked diligently with the seller, and our client had the opportunity to walkthrough the property before finalizing the offer. Additionally, our team actively sought debt brokers with connections and experience in the Pierce County Market to assist the buyer. As a result of property walkthroughs and negotiations, a mutually fair price reduction was agreed upon, leading to the property being successfully placed under contract. Throughout the deal, the property’s performance improved, and our client secured a loan with First Financial, achieving an impressive loan-to-value ratio of nearly 80%.

Property Details

12517 47th Ave SW
City, state
Lakewood, WA
Year built

Sale Details

sale date
November 10, 2020
sale price
price per unit


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Clover Meadows

12517 47th Ave SW
Tacoma, WA 98499
Units: 26
Price: $3,302,700

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