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Casa Nita

Sale Price: $5,900,000

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Sale Summary

Our team faced a significant challenge when we were hired to sell Casa Nita, a property held by the Seller’s family for over 50 years, with significant outstanding deferred maintenance, and no current or historical financials. To overcome these challenges, we developed a marketing strategy that focused on the property’s prime location and potential upside and marketed it as part of a portfolio with two other apartment buildings on Capitol Hill.

Our efforts paid off when we received seven offers after hosting tours and an open house. We worked with the Seller to select a Buyer who offered 100% non-refundable with a 30-day all-cash close and was in search of a similar property. Despite being marketed as part of a portfolio, Casa Nita was sold separately to the selected buyer. The successful sale of Casa Nita demonstrated our ability to overcome challenges and leverage our marketing strategies to achieve successful results for our clients.


Case Study

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Property Details

430 12th AVE E
City, State
Seattle, WA
Capitol Hill

Sale Details

Sale Date
December 1, 2022
Sale Price
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Casa Nita

430 12th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
Units: 26
Price: $5,900,000

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