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Bayside Gardens

Sale Price: $11,900,000

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Sale Summary

The property owner had no intention of selling after holding the property for over 30 years, rejecting numerous unconvincing offers. However, once the property was under contract, it was discovered that lease agreements and records were outdated or missing. Recognizing the owner’s priorities of price and certainty, our team handpicked a group of local investors who met the criteria set by the discerning ownership. Through our extensive database and market expertise, we identified the best buyer experienced in the Tacoma market, who recognized the value of Bayside Garden. Our offer surpassed dozens of others, leading to an in-person signing at a local Tacoma bar. Despite the market uncertainty in 2020, the sale process took 60 days and closed on November 2 for $11,900,000.

Property Details

15 North E St
City, State
Tacoma, WA
Year Built

Sale Details

Sale Date
November 2, 2020
Sale Price


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Bayside Gardens

15 North E St
Tacoma, WA 98403
Units: 63
Price: $11,900,000

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