The Savvy Investor’s Top 3

Here’s what apartment investors in Snohomish need to know this month.

Interest rates fall to their lowest levels since September of last year

With the government getting a handle on inflation we’ve seen rates fluctuate between 5 & 6 percent.

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Light Rail news: Mountlake Terrace & Lynnwood Opening mid-2024

If you’ve driven I-5 N you’ve undoubtedly seen the construction crews working every day. Riders will be able to reliably travel from Lynnwood to Downtown Seattle in 28 min.

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WA Lawmakers curbing rent hikes? 

Washington’s Legislation is debating to limit annual rents increases for apartment rents throughout the state. Seattle has a 9.9% limit before an economic displacement relocation assistance is triggered.

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Market Update


In Q3, Snohomish saw its lowest cap rate within the last 10 years at 4.3% per sale. Moreover, investors were willing to pay a premium for properties with the highest dollar per unit ($280,000). And, after a record-breaking 2021 ($1.3 billion), Snohomish is on track to approach $1 billion in sales. In particular, investors looking outside of Seattle and its jurisdiction tend to focus on expanding cities, such as Lynnwood, Monroe, Lake Stevens, and more.