Selling an apartment building for the highest price remains priority one in most all sales campaigns. Many factors contribute to hitting “beyond-market” sales pricing (always our goal), yet some are more apparent than others. Understanding and focusing on these factors is key.

Marketing 101 is about story telling – creating a compelling story to your audience. Many marketers miss the story, they simply present an asset and allow the market to create its own sense of desirability. That is mistake number one. However, even more costly mistakes are often made.

The next pitfall – beyond poor story telling – is missing the audience. I am not talking about not reaching them, I am talking about not inspiring them to listen. We live in a world of noise, and noise is the enemy of the effective sales campaign.

What is noise? Noise is the 300 emails you get each day. Noise is your phone ringing constantly, text messages distracting you. Broker after broker calling you and directing you to flip through a 60 page marketing brochure to try to convey why you should care about what they are selling.

Noise sucks. You want signal.

Why You Care About Signal

Signal is what is important, what matters. Signal is the fine points that make an opportunity known and conclusions more probable. Signal versus noise was most recently made popular in Nate Silver’s book “The Signal and the Noise: Why Most Predictions Fail – but Some Don’t” – on HERE.

Mr. Silver’s point is that if you focus on what is most important, your conclusions are more likely accurate. Mr. Silver is a statistician, and a damn good one. He gets paid to be right – and as a real estate investor, so do you!

Why do you care about signal when selling your apartment building? When buyers understand the finer points of what you are selling (the signal), they care. They read the materials, they study the opportunity, and they get in their car or on an airplane to tour the asset. And mostly importantly, they compete to win the asset. Competition is good, it is great – it is what you want. More competition from more educated buyers garners you the highest price.

Storytelling in a Compelling Format

Email became all the rage in the 2000s – much like the Pony Express did in the 1850s. Well, modern marketers of commercial real estate have done little to innovate in decades. Emails en masse are sent, hoping the right recipient is there to unearth the opportunity.

Under a best case scenario, email distribution matures into opening of a flyer or an offering memorandum – and somewhere amidst volumes of pages, pictures and numbers a story lays unartfully deconstructed in hopes that the reader will construct it themselves.

Old models are made to be broken – and the Seattle Multifamily Team is doing just that. We are pleased to offer a look into modern marketing. Marketing that takes a story – and its most resonant signals – and translates it into the greatest returns for you.

Our first examples are for marquee apartment buildings offered for sale in downtown Seattle. These opportunities are on the market and available for touring right now.

Uptown 11: Fully-Leased CVS Store Anchoring 34 Luxury Apartment Homes

You can access all offering materials HERE

80 Main: Bespoke 45-Unit Apartment Building in Historic Pioneer Square

You can access all offering materials HERE

Our video marketing translates to sales of development land as well. Story-telling becomes increasingly important when there is no asset to sell – the story is based on potential for development.

320 N 85th: Rare Full-Acre In-Fill Development Site in the Heart of Greenwood

You can access all offering materials HERE

417 2nd Ave W: Ideally Located Development Site in Queen Anne Neighborhood

You can access all offering materials HERE

Getting You the Highest Price

Our innovative marketing translates directly into higher pricing. Instead of hundreds of views, our marketing achieves thousands of views. Focusing on the most innovative strategies and pushing the marketing envelope creates the most value for our clients.

Align every aspect of your business to achieve the greatest success. Our marketing practices are designed to outperform all others in the market. Pick up the phone and give us a call to learn how we can work together to sell your apartment building for the highest price.

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Understanding both current and future market dynamics is critically important in positioning both your assets and your capital for optimum returns. Our apartment investment sales team, comprised of five highly qualified professionals specializes in assisting apartment investors in maximizing returns.

We focus on representing apartment developers and buyers and sellers of apartment buildings from 5 units to 500 units. Please give me a call to discuss how we can turn our expertise into your profit. – Dylan