Lee Apartments

21 Days from Signing to Closing

  • Limited inventory resulted in scarce apartment investment opportunity available to our buyer.
  • We carefully tracked under contract deals for unseen opportunities.
  • Our offer excited the owner and closed in record time.

Breaking Records

Our buyer was looking East of the Mountains for an apartment building and with a limited inventory found it difficult to find a property that met their investment needs. On top of the limited inventory, the buyer was looking for a 15+ unit apartment building which made things even more challenging.

Our Team focused on the city of Spokane and searched all deals that were currently under contract and carefully tracked each deal to verify they closed. We found one property that fell out of contract and reached out to the listing broker to see what the issues were along with understanding what type an offer would be exciting for the owner. Our buyer offered aggressive pricing and a closing in less than 21 days thus making our buyer’s offer more compelling than the previous deal they had under contract.

Our Team submitted a Purchase and Sale Agreement on the Lee Apartments with a closing date of less than 21 days. Both owner and buyer worked together seamlessly to close the deal. Despite it being the second time the owner was under contract, our buyer made it a great experience for all parties and closed the deal in record time.

Site Details

2406 W 3rd Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201
Transaction Timeline
21 Days
Sale Price
Price Per Unit
Price Per NSRF