7100 Linden

Sourced credible buyer through existing investor relationship

  • Tiered marketing approach
  • Buyer identified through knowledge of investor interest
  • achieved $100,000 above asking price

Case Study


The Seller was cautious and wanted to ensure they were working with a credible buyer who could perform with rising interest rates. At the time, investors had begun second guessing deals they were under contract with and the Seller wanted to avoid a retrade.

What we did

We developed a tiered marketing campaign, first reaching out to known groups interested in the area and then those who had offered on previous listings but hadn’t been successful transacting. This method sourced interest and we conducted investor interviews to determine which investors could perform and successfully close the transaction without retrading.


The Result

From the investor interviews, we determined that three groups could perform, all of whom submitted offers. In the end, the Buyer selected had been one who had been unsuccessful on a previous listings and we indicated where pricing needed to be in order to be successful. The Buyer offered $100,000 above asking price and was able to close the transaction 14-days later. Having knowledge of active investors and building trusted relationships with those in the region directly benefits our clients whether buyer or selling.

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7100 Linden Ave N, Seattle, WA
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