It’s the end of June and the first half of 2024 is in the rearview mirror. Where did all those “distressed” deals go?

We’re at the front lines: 2 closing this week, and 7 more scheduled to close by July 22nd.

Over the last 30-45 days, we’ve witnessed significant changes in transaction volume and pricing. What’s driving these changes?

A handful of factors, yet it’s clear that capital is getting much more aggressive.

The below video highlights my thoughts, and includes comments on the following:

  • JOBS: May’s job report showcasing a resilient economy of mixed signals, with both an increase in jobs and a rise in unemployment.
  • RENTS: Seattle is now ranked 10th of the top 12 markets for rent growth in June, and further increases are predicted.
  • SALES: Blackstone’s recent $2.1 billion acquisition of urban properties marks the start of price discovery and market escalation.





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